Recipe for good
Web_Recipe_bead_necklaceOn the 19th December an auction took place in Sydney of a unique 'recipe' bead necklace, designed and created by Susan Storm of Mayagems. The main beads in this necklace were all made out of old recipe books by our very first group of Botswana mothers in Selebi-Phikwe.

While our mothers use waste paper from a variety of sources the idea of using old recipe books resulted from a meeting between Wanitha Tanasingham, celebrity chef for Fox Studios, and Susan Storm. Susan, since visiting our project in Cape Town, had been using our paper beads in her necklace creations. Wanitha became very excited by both the paper beads and the Mothers for All project. As she talked about how all her best recipes have been passed on to her by her family (her father was chef for the Kedah Royal Family in Malaysia) so the idea of a necklace made out of recycled recipes that would be passed on and on, spreading both enjoyment and support for Mothers for All, was born.

The 'Recipe for Good' necklace will therefore have many custodians who will keep it for several weeks before sending it on its way to the next person.  Each new custodian makes a donation and writes a message in a book made by our mothers out of recycled paper, which is accompanying the necklace on its journey around the world.

Many thanks to Susan for this magnificent and lasting legacy and all our custodians so far, who are featured below with the current custodian appearing first. Please let us know if you would like to become one of the future custodians. Proceeds from this travelling recipe bead necklace will go to Sinethemba - Elizabeth's Children and our orphan relief fund. Sinethemba, which means hope, is a non-profit project in Zwelethemba township outside Worcester in the Western Cape of South Africa, which provides care and support for approximately 150 orphans and vulnerable children.

Recipe bead custodians


Jenny Dunlop - Selebi-Phikwe, Botswana (18/01/11)

Jenny, the national co-ordinator of Mothers for All in Botswana, accepted the handover of the necklace from Sarah McKerron just over a year after it was first auctioned in Sydney, Australia. It was quite a homecoming as the Mothers who had made all the beads were able to see, for the first time, how their beads had been used to make up this extraordinary necklace. This has spurred them all on to be even more creative with their own designs.

The necklace formed part of a showcase of all of our products at a special luncheon event in Gaborone recently which was organised by Barclays and hosted by Robert Diamond, Chief Executive of Barclays PLC, and his wife, who were visiting from the UK. Eight other non-profit organisations who have received support from Barclays UK were also exhibiting their products. Our Mothers' bead work was much admired and some of our Mothers were on hand to explain the intricacies of making paper beads to the Diamonds, who left bearing many as presents for friends back home.

Mothers for All has since received an order from Barclays UK for £600 worth of paper bead key rings made out of their old leaflets for corporate gifts. This is the sort of corporate support we wish to encourage. Thank you Barclays.


Sarah McKerron - Johannesburg, South Africa (17/09/10)

The necklace flew from Cape Town to Johannesburg on September 17th 2010, and was handed over to Sarah McKerron of McNab's during a special celebration of the company's 10th birthday at its headquarters, The Energy Works. McNab's has been a keen supporter of Mothers for All for some time now as it complements their sustainability ethos. The Energy Works is one of the most environmentally friendly buildings in Johannesburg and McNab's specialises in producing nutritional supplements and foods that provide sustainable energy.

We would like to thank Sarah and Rupert McKerron for contributing to the sustainability of Mothers for All as well as the travelling necklace's journey.

Donnah Bambalaza - Cape Town, South Africa (21/08/10)

The necklace was brought from the UK to Cape Town by Robyn Scott and handed onto her mother Linda Scott. Both Linda and Robyn are founding trustees of Mothers for All and  so it was wonderful for them both to see the much talked about creation. Linda immediately  took it with her to Worcester prison where Mothers for All had just started training a group female as well as male inmates in bead making. There was much oohing and aahing as it was passed round the beading group, the prison staff plus other curious prisoners The money raised from the sale of the prisoners' products will go to our orphan relief fund which will help orphans in Worcester. The inmates themselves cannot earn any money but they are all more than willing to use their time to help orphaned children and in so doing transform their own lives - the alchemy of transforming waste into jewellery is mirrored in their  own lives. Unfortunately we were not allowed to take any cameras in and so Donnah, our Cape Town trainer and co-ordinator, posed with the necklace in their place.


Chrissie Sherwood - Oundle, United Kingdom (07/07/10)

Chrissie Sherwood, who has been one of our best customers selling our beads through her company, Injabulo, was anxiously awaiting arrival of the recipe bead necklace from Australia. She wrote:   

"The necklace has just been delivered.  I am stunned, overawed and deeply humbled to be part of this and have to admit that I have shed a few tears.  The love that is travelling with the necklace is there for all to see.  I shall wear it with pride to have a photograph taken and will display it next week at the show and then in our retail outlet in town for a few weeks if I may. I shall also use this to get some PR which will hopefully raise awareness and increases sales for you. How blessed I am."

Thank you Chrissie for supporting Mothers for All in every way.



Fran Gregson & Karen Kotze - Perth, Australia (27/04/10)

Here we have, from left to right, Fran Gregson, Jenny Dunlop, Susan Storm and Karen Kotze with the necklace in its specially created box at The Bodhi Tree bookshop in Perth for the handover ceremony. Over pots of Rooibos tea and much hullabaloo from other customers when Jenny and her sister-in-law Fran modelled the necklace, Karen, who runs the Bodhi Tree bookshop, suggested that she, too, would like to have a go at raising funds for Mothers for All while the necklace remained in Perth. Fran managed to raise almost $500 through donations and by also selling some paper bead jewellery that Jenny had brought with her from Botswana at the Mothers Day fundraising event she organised. Thank you both of you for being the Perth custodians before posting the necklace to the UK.

TB_Michelle_Doyle TBJenny_Chadwick

Michelle Doyle & Jenny Chadwick - Sydney, Australia (16/02/10)

Well the necklace stayed in Sydney for a few more months passing between two more willing custodians. Thank you Michelle Doyle and Jenny Chadwick for swopping the recipe bead necklace in the way that was intended! From Sydney, the necklace then  flew with Susan Storm to Perth where it was handed over to Fran Gregon, sister-in-law of Jenny Dunlop, the Mothers for All co-ordinator in Botswana who serendipitously happened to be in town.......









Merry Pearson - Sydney, Australia (19/12/09)

Susan Storm writes from the first auction of the necklace in Sydney:

"WOW! WE DID IT! Amidst drumming, wild dancing, fabulous food from fabulous foodies and the aromas of sizzling chillis, Moroccan spices and baskets of paper beads, the recipe bead necklace auction was won by Robert and Merry Pearson, of Narrabeen, Sydney. We at Mayagems and Mothers for All thank you for your very generous donation, and we couldn't be happier that all our hard work is going to a very welcoming and excited foster home."