Semolale Mothers

Semolale is a small rural village in eastern Botswana in which there are few employment opportunities. All the Mothers in this group are orphans themselves. This is a clear demonstration that the AIDS epidemic, which started in Botswana in the late 1980s, has matured and is now affecting a second generation. Below are pictures of our young mothers receiving training and wearing their first necklaces,  followed by their brief biographies.

Semolale_training_2 Semolale_training_3
Semolale_-_Beauty Semolale_-_Florence Semolale_-_Lorato Semolale_-_Polite

Polite Tukishi is 28 years old, has lost both her parents and is looking after two of her sister’s children. She lives with another younger sister who does not work. She also braids hair to supplement her income from Mothers for All. Occasionally, she gets financial help from relatives.

Beauty Makala is 28 and has lost both her parents. She lives with her three children (aged 3, 6 and 11), her sister (aged 22), her brother (aged 13)  and her sister's 3-year old. She is the sole earner in this household of five children, although occasionally the family gets financial help from another sister who works at Mashatu – a nearby game lodge.

Lorato Molapisane is 26 and has one child of her own. Both her parents have passed away and her brother (aged 19) and sister (aged 14) live with her. She has no regular income but occasionally gets help from her 19-year old brother and her uncle, who also lives in the village.

Florence Marole is 24, has lost both her parents and has a 3-year old daughter. She lives alone with her child for most of the year but is joined in the school holidays by her sister (aged 21) who attends a boarding school in Gaborone and a brother (aged 15) who attends a boarding school in the next village – Gobojango. She is the sole income earner for this household.