Selebi-Phikwe Mothers

Selebi-Phikwe is in the eastern region of Botswana. It has a population of nearly 60 000 people, many of whom work for the local copper-nickel mine. Recent ante-natal statistics revealed that 50% of pregnant mothers were HIV-positive (Sentinel Surveilance 2007). Selebi-Phikwe has the highest prevalence of HIV infection in Botswana and therefore has the highest relative number of orphans and vulnerable children. This is one of the reasons why Mothers for All is targeted this area first.

Our first group of mothers have all been affected by the HIV and AIDS epidemic. For instance Maipelo, a grandmother, has lost a daughter and sister and caring for five children. Letia, Rose and Tshwarelo have both lost sisters and have been left with the responsibility of their children as well as their  own. All of these women have very few resources and are therefore benefitting from the Mothers for All income-generation projects. Other women in similar situations were inspired by the success and enthusiasm of this first group and have asked to join the group. Mothers for All therefore now has a second group in Selebi-Phikwe.

Meet our very first group of mothers, all proudly modelling their beaded necklaces: Maipelo, Betty, Rose, Letia and Tshwarelo