Maun Mothers

Maun is the tourism capital of Botswana as the gateway to the Okavango Delta. It has developed rapidly in the last few decades from a rural frontier village on the Thamalakane River into a bustling town where wild buck can still be seen grazing next to local cattle, donkeys and goats. However high rates of unemployment and HIV have meant that many families in the town and surrounding settlements live in poverty, sickness and despair.

The group in Maun got off to a slow start with a small initial turnout. However,  as the women have seen what they can make out of waste paper, the group has grown in size, commitment, enthusiasm and skill.

Kegomoditse_Letso Maun_Boitumelo_Saulo Maun_Hilda_Amon Maun_Tudetso_Gakelona Maun_Lethata_Sebarangane Maun_Gaowele_Segole

Kegomoditse Letso: She cares for 5 children, including 3 orphans. She cares for them with her daughter.
Boitumelo Saulo: She has one child of her own and cares for 5 other children with her sister.
Hilda Amon: Her only child died at a young age, and she now cares for 4 children left by her sister and brother who have both passed away.  She is the sole earner for the home.
Tudetso Gakelona: She has two children of her own and cares for 7 other children.
Lethata Sebarangane: She has two of her own children and cares for two children from her sister who has passed away. She is the sole earner in her home.
Gaowele Segole: She has two children of her own and cares for 2 other children. She is the sole earner in the home

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