Ghanzi Mothers

Ghanzi - also known as 'The capital of the Kalahari' - is situated in western Botswana and is extremely remote from the rest of the country. The Ghanzi community is a conglomeration of ethnic groups - Bushmen, Bakgalagadi, Baherero, Batawana and Afrikaners, who own many of the farms. The main employment is on the cattle farms and there are several Remote Area Development (RDA) settlements in the area. These are part of a national government programme which aims to provide basic social services like schools, health facilities and training in income generation as services and employment opportunities are extremely limited.

Mothers for All is partnering with Window of Hope, a non-profit organisation which provides psychosocial support to orphans and vulnerable children and their caregivers through after-school programmes, life skills training and caregiver support groups. Mothers for All is teaching the caregivers of these orphans and vulnerable children how to make the paper bead jewellery. Two groups of six Mothers received training, which was very well received.

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Susan Moduku lives at home with her mother, sister and younger brother. She has 5 children of her own and helps care for her younger brother and her sister’s 2 small children who live with them. She is the only wage earner in the household.
Gakelobale cares for her only child as well as the child of her sister who passed away. She is the only wage earner.
Tshilwane Mohutege has 3 of her own children and has been left to care for 4 grandchildren.
Diabenyane Phologo has one child of her own, and is caring for one grandchild. She is the sole wage earner and hopes that the money she makes from Mothers for All will help her to buy a house.
Onneile Motlhabanare lives at home with her father. She cares for her five younger siblings, three girls and two boys. She is the sole wage earner.
Tebogo Gabaatlholne shares the responsibility of caring for her sister's 3 children with another sister. She has no children of her own and is the only wage earner.

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