Donate to Mothers for All
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Currently, most people involved with Mothers for All are donating their time and resources freely. But as the projects have expanded to more towns, villages and prisons our administrative and support costs have grown.

In addition, as many of our mothers' orphans have now reached 18 years, we sponsor appropriate training for those children who show promise and aptitude. We also sponsor mothers who want to further their education or training.

Any amount of financial support will therefore be greatly appreciated and will help to spread the network of caregivers helping to make sure that no child is left to grow up alone.

To make this process easy and totally secure we have set up two Mothers for All donation portals: one for the Botswana operation which is managed by the GivenGain Foundation and one for the South African operation which is managed by PayFast.  

DONATE HERE for Mothers for All, Botswana

DONATE HERE for Mothers for All, South Africa