Orphans and vulnerable children support

The main objective of Mothers for All is to develop a sustainable model of support for orphans and vulnerable children. Research has shown that any benefits a mother or caregiver receives by way of education and skills training are immediately passed on to the children in their care - so that's what we strive to provide.

In the words of Nelson Mandela: ‘There can be no keener revelation of a society's soul than the way in which it treats its children.’

Training and relief fund

There is no doubt that there have been many obvious benefits for the children in the household, from receiving regular meals to having school clothes and stationery. The less obvious but more powerful benefit has been the sense of hope for the future that now pervades our mothers' households. And as we want to keep that sense of hope alive we have started a fund which will be used to provide training for the children once they leave school.

The fund has enabled six children to go back to school or receive job skills training. We were all thrilled that our very first child to benefit from this scheme was Oratile, who started training in book-keeping and IT at the beginning of 2011 and now works full-time for Mothers for All. It is fitting that she is also the orphaned granddaughter of our very first mother to be recruited - Maipelo.

Mothers for All will also use money from this fund to help children who are in particularly dire straits, especially those of our mothers who pass away, and ensure that these children continue to receive food and clothing as well as stay in school until alternative arrangements can be made.

Oratile has already become indispensible to Mothers for All helping with administration, sales and marketing

M4All_Oratile_with_beads Oratile_Bots_July2010

Some other fund recipients

Oduetse Molapisi is the 21-year-old son of Ditsego Molapisi, a member of the Bobonog group who looks after seven children. Her only form of income is through the paper bead jewellery and she is therefore very keen that all of her children receive some form of job skills training. Oduetse completed Form 5 in 2009 but did not score high enough to get into university and so she encouraged him to apply to Mothers for All for assistance. He told us that he wanted to be an auto mechanic because he enjoyed the work and knew he could find a job after his training.  We know he will succeed because the teachers at his senior secondary school said he was a well disciplined student with a positive attitude towards work. He is now in the first year of a three-year auto mechanics course at the Bobonong Brigade Centre and Ditsego is extremely proud of him. He has big plans for his future.

Oduetse Molapisi and his mother Ditsego


Neo Sekoba, who is currently doing a social work certificate, is acheiving marks of 90% in her exams and is now setting her sights even higher. She plans to apply for a bursary so that she can attend the University of Botswana in 2013.

Onalenna Jabane was orphaned at the age of 7 years. She lived with an aunt in Francistown until 2011 where she completed her primary and secondary school. Onalenna did not do well enough to secure government funding to further her education and her extended family were not in a position to assist. Fortunately another of her aunts is a member of Mothers for All in Selebi-Phikwe and she encouraged Onalenna to apply. She is now living with this aunt and studying for her school leaving exams through a distance educational college. She is determined that she will achieve better results second time around with the additional support she is now receiving. Her goal is to become a labaratory technician or study further in the health field.


M4all_raffleThe first donation to this fund, of nearly 200 Australian dollars, came from a raffle held at the Methodist Ladies College Christmas market stall in Perth. The raffle prize was a special necklace constructed with paper beads made from the 2009 school magazine by Maipelo and some semi-precious stones. Initially the raffle proceeds were going to go to the school but everyone quickly agreed that they would be best used for the Mothers for All orphan training fund. This amount will pay for a year of basic computer lessons or enable someone to get a driving licence. The second donation came as part of a small World Bank that enabled Mothers for All to pay a year's tuition in IT and book-keeping for our Oratile. Since then many people have generously donated to this fund through our donation link to the GivenGain website and we have been able to support more and more children to receive training that will dramatically improve their chances of employment. Mothers for All would like to thank all of our donors for their generosity and for helping to give these children a foothold in the economy.

Orphans get involved

Mothers for All has amply confirmed what research has shown - skills taught to caregivers are quickly passed to the children in their care. Almost all of the children now assist the mothers to cut the paper, roll the beads, and assemble them into different products. Many of the children receive their pocket money out of the proceeds and so they are also learning basic economic principles as well as new skills.

We would like to thank all the people who have already donated to this fund. If you would like to make a donation you can do so through our GivenGain portal.

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