Our supporters

Mothers for All would like to publicly thank our Bostwana trustees (Robyn Scott, Chair; Seloma Tiro, Vice-Chair; Nomsa Mbere, Treasurer; Jenny Dunlop, Secretary; Fiona Dereige, Linda Scott, Lauren Scott and Damien Scott) and South African committee members Karen Coetzee, Chair;  Donnah Bambalaza, Vice-Chair; Marlene Voss, Treasurer; Linda Scott, Secretary; Robyn Sheldon and Mandy Sandenburgh, who continue to give freely of their time and resources.  A very special thanks is due to Jenny Dunlop, co-founder and the current Botswana national co-ordinator, without whom Mothers for All would not be where it is today and to Linda Scott, co-founder and current South African co-ordinator.  Thanks also to Sarah Cahillane, a US Peace Corps Volunteer, who inspired us with her paper bead project in Botswana and came back to help Mothers for All start the northern Botswana groups and to Mali Sobotta who was pivotal in starting the central Botswana groups.

Jenny's family, especially her husband Angus, happily and generously allowed Mothers for All to take over not only Jenny's time but also their house. Fortunately we now have a lovely new office within the premises of the Hindu Temple in Selebi-Phikwe - one has to be resourceful in Botswana! Robyn Scott donated the start-up capital using some of the royalties from her memoir about growing up in Botswana, Twenty Chickens for a Saddle. She continues to campaign tirelessly for Mothers for All while based in the UK. Damien Scott, based in Qatar, helps to provide ongoing IT support and advice and Lauren Scott, based in France, designed our logo and is involved with product design.

Mothers for All, however, would not be thriving and growing without the generosity, support and dedication of numerous other people.  We are particulary grateful to Mary McGee who gave two years of her life to Mothers for All as a US Peace Corps Volunteer and to the following Catholic Sisters who have given their unqualified support to the project as well as providing a place for the mothers to meet: Sister Zoro of the Serowe Mission and Sister Frances of the Sefhare Mission. Several other US Peace Corps Volunteers based in Botswana have also provided wonderful support for the project.

We would like to thank Dave Rubin from the US who happily agreed to photograph some of the products for our website. Many thanks also to Lauren Rautenbach from Cape Town who took some of the photographs used in the catalogues and Linda Scott who took the remainder of the photographs and developed the catalogues.

Hannah Madsen and Tom Wilkinson put together the video clip on the home page based on the filming they did as part of Oxford University Alumni Wall of Faces project. Thank you Hannah and Tom for giving everyone a visual glimpse of Mothers for All in action.

Our donors

Mothers for All would like to thank the following people for providing development funding and/or ongoing financial support:

  • Seloma Tiro and Northgate Holdings (2013)
  • Barclays Bank, Botswana (2012)
  • European Union, Botswana Non State Actors Capacity Building Programme (2011-2012)
  • Trude Aresen: Norway (2011-)
  • Sarah and Rupert McKerron of McNab's Wellth: Johannesburg, South Africa www.mcnabs.biz (2008- )
  • World Bank (2011)
  • Barclays Bank, UK (2010)
  • Robyn Sheldon: Cape Town, South Africa www.mamabamba.com (2009-2010)
  • Robyn Scott: London, UK (2008-2009)

And the following institutions and people for their donations of money or equipment to the project:

  • Chinese Embassy: Gaborone, Botswana
  • Ed Hall: BC, Canada
  • Dr K Delbray: Scotland
  • Father Leo and Brother Gregory of the Kloster Nuetschau Monastery in Germany www.kloster-nuetschau.de
  • AstraZeneca, UK www.astrazeneca.co.uk
  • Marc Anastasi: Malta
  • Janet Ruhl: United States
  • Jane Fraser and friends: Scotland
  • Lizzie Hilton: Manchester, UK
  • Margaret Smith and her book club in Sydney, Australia
  • Pauline Keralse and the West Coast Book Club in Perth, Australia
  • SPEDU (Selebi-Phikwe Development Union), Botswana
  • Susan Storm: Sydney, Australia for the recipe bead necklace
  • Fran Gregson: Perth, Australia
  • Eileen Donoghue: Quebec, Canada
  • Linda Scott: Cape Town, South Africa
  • Keith Scott: Cape Town, South Africa
  • Sarah Bretherton (Cooper): Calgooly, Australia
  • Caroline Denee and Linda Lockie: New Zealand
  • Fiona Clark: Canada
  • Michael Rehlander: United States
  • Anita van Heerden: United Arab Emirates
  • Julia Devin: United States
  • Tawna Farmer: United States
  • Tamlyn Calitz
  • Belinda Foster
  • Vivien Gauld
  • Ruthie Gray
  • Beverly Smith
  • Linda Taylor
  • Anika van Heerden

Last, but not least, thanks go to all the people and organisations who have bought and sold our paper bead products, particularly Maria Littorin in Sweden;  Peggy Busby and her group in Dallas, Texas; Chrissie Sherwood of Injabulo in the UK; Fran Gregson of Perth in Australia; the International School of Luxembourg; Bostwanacraft in Gaborone; the Khama Rhino Sanctuary in Serowe; the many different safari operators in the Okavango Delta and Chobe Game Reserve; The Light Project in Germany; Cape-Sun in Switzerland; and Original T Bag Designs in Cape Town, all of whom remain steadfast customers and help to spread the word about the project. It is this continued form of support that will enable the project to provide a sustainable form of income for the mothers, thereby uplifting both their lives and those of the orphans and vulnerable children in their care.