Our Projects

The mothers, using waste materials wherever possible, are making the following:

  • Paper bead jewellery - necklaces, bracelets and earrings
  • Paper bead bookmarks
  • Papier mâché bowls
  • Handmade paper cards and note paper

We are extremely grateful to the Peace Corps volunteers working in Selebi-Phikwe - Sarah Cahillane and Pilar Iriate - for showing us how to make paper beads. It's truly amazing what can be fashioned from old magazines, wrapping paper, cardboard packaging, a bit of glue and some varnish. Our mothers are going from house to house collecting old magazines, newspapers and cardboard packaging such as tea, cereal, pasta and toothpaste boxes. We are very excited to have recently sourced environmentally friendly varnish (Shellac) and biodegradable film bags made from corn starch. This means that our products support the Mothers for All philosophy of nurturing our children as well as our beautiful planet.

See below for illustrations of our products..........

Paper bead necklaces and bracelets

Paper bead bookmarks - the beads in the first one are made out of cardboard food packaging, the rest are made from magazines.

The papier mâché bowls provide a welcome relief from the concentration required to prepare and roll the paper beads. Here strips of newspaper are pasted with some homemade glue (cooked flour and salt) and then smoothed onto a mould, slowly building up a strong paper bowl. These will then be painted with various designs that we are experimenting with at the moment.


Making brand new paper out of old newspapers and bits of dried grass or flowers can also be very rewarding. Below is a handmade paper envelope and card, with the Mothers for All logo and an example of our new packaging.