Brothers for All website launched
Saturday, 13 July 2013 15:38
B4All_screen_shot_newsMothers for All is happy to announce the launch of Brothers for All and its very own website. Our work in South African prisons and the community using the Group of Hope inmates and parolees has been steadily growing. We felt a new arm of the organisation was required to support this exciting direction. The original Playing it Safe programme, sponsored by the MAC AIDS Foundation, has evolved into much more than an HIV peer education programme. It now also focuses on personal development, behavioural change and making safer choices in general - safe on a personal level and safe for the community. Using the perpetrators of violence to become part of the solution is inspiring many people to get involved. Join us......
HIVOS funds expansion of prison programme
Monday, 03 June 2013 12:14

Playing it Safe Inside is an HIV peer education programme, designed to help inmates make healthier sexual choices and reduce the high incidence of HIV disease in prisons. Mothers for All ran a very successful pilot in 2012 at Dwarsrivier Correctional Centre and was therefore given funding to roll out the programme in a further two prisons: Worcester Male Centre and Worcester Female Centre.

Further education and training - some success stories
Monday, 03 September 2012 17:39

Thanks to the generosity of our donors we now have six vulnerable children and adolescents who have been able to return to full-time schooling or attend training colleges. And, as word spreads, more and more children who had to abandon their schooling for socio-economic reasons are asking to go back to school or get some skills training.

The children include Oratile, Keiterile, Onalenna, Neo Sekoba and Neo Jabane from Selibe-Phikwe and Oduestse from Bobonong. Oratile, pictured below, started training in book-keeping and IT at the beginning of 2011 and now works full time for Mothers for All. It is fitting that she is also the orphaned granddaughter of our very first mother to be recruited.

Why the violence? Why the silence?
Monday, 18 March 2013 20:44

In October last year Hilda Amon, a long-term member of Mothers for All, was brutally murdered with a spade by her ex-boyfriend who had been harassing and threatening her for many months.  In Botswana, as in many other countries, the frequency with which women and children are exploited, beaten, raped and murdered should shock us all into action. But Hilda's gruesome death barely received a mention in the local paper and we have to start asking why. Hilda became the face of our organisation when her picture, adorned with the paper bead jewellery she became so skilled at making, was chosen for the front cover of our leaflet. More importantly she personified the aims of the organisation by seizing every opportunity that was offered to increase her skills and help herself and other mothers achieve a better life for themselves and the orphaned children in their care.

Mothers for All - feeding families
Friday, 09 March 2012 07:34

During the course of 2011 we taught 40 of our mothers living in central and eastern Botswana to develop their own backyard permaculture gardens. This programme will be rolled out to 20 of our mothers living in the Okavango Delta region in 2012. The bountiful fresh produce from their gardens has helped to improve each household's food security as well nutritional status, and has inspired many other women in their villages to follow suit.